Propeller Sales
With brands such as Austral and Solas we can supply you with the correct propeller to suit your needs, whether it be commercial or recreational use.
Propeller Repair

Utilizing the latest software and equipment from Prop Scan, we can optimize your propeller to better suit your watercraft. The benefits from better matching your prop include increased fuel efficiency, increased top speed and cruising speed and elimination of propeller vibration.
Prop Scan uses specific standards produced by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), giving the same proven result every time.

We also repair damaged propellers, from damage as small a few dints to whole blades pushed out of shape. We also have the capacity to weld brass and stainless steel propellers if they are cracked.

Prop Speed

Prop Speed is a protective barrier used to prevent marine growth from bonding to metal surfaces beneath the waterline.
It is easily applied via a two stage application process and can increase the service life of the submerged metals substantially.

Prop Speed can be used on:

Click here to visit the 'Propspeed' website.

- Propellers
- Shafts
- Bow Thrusters
- Rudders
- Trim Tabs
- Keel coolers


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